Agro- Processing Industry in India

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5. GOAL 20157
7.1 Cashew industry in India: An Overview10
7.2 Supply chain of Cashew product marketed by Vapcol11
7.3 Value Addition Process12
7.4 Sales and distribution and Marketing of Cashew nut12

List of tables
Table 1: Agro-Processing Industries in India—Growth, Status and Prospects4 Table 2: Product-Portfolio of VAPCOL9

List of figures
Figure 1: Cashew production, consumption, export, import trend 10 Figure 2: State wise domestic production trend11
Figure 3: Procurement channel of Cashew12
Figure 4: Flow chart of Cashew processing12

As per definition, Agro processing is a set of techno-economic activities, applied to all the produces, originating from agricultural farm, livestock, aqua cultural sources and forests for their conservation, handling and value-addition to make them usable as food, feed, fibre, fuel or industrial raw materials. This specific sector has experienced expansion during last five decades, starting with a handful of facilities which were mainly operating at domestic/cottage level. If properly developed, agro-processing sector can make India a major player at the global level for marketing and supply of processed food, feed and a wide range of other plant and animal. The scope of the agro-processing industry encompasses all operations from the stage of harvest till the material reaches the end users in the desired form, packaging, quantity, quality and price. Agro-processing is now regarded as the ‘sunrise sector’ of the Indian economy due to its large potential for growth and likely socio economic impact specifically on employment and income generation. While up to 14 per cent of the total work force is engaged in agro-processing sector in developed countries directly or indirectly; in India, only about 3 per cent of the work force is involved in this sector. This reveals vast untapped potential for employment. Our country has diverse agro-climatic conditions and consumer preferences and hence it produces a vast variety of agricultural and livestock materials. The losses in farm produce in India on account of poor post harvest management have been assessed to be of a very high order. The estimated loss includes losses during storage, handling and milling/processing. By adopting proper agro processing technology, the extent of post harvest losses could be brought down to less than fifty percent of the existing level. The 2. GROWTH OF AGRO PROCESSING SECTOR

Starting with a small number of processing facilities in 1950-51, a fairly well spread network of processing facilities has been developed in the Country. Agro-processing technology in India has been continuously making steady progress towards modernization. The table mentioned below gives information of the latest development trends in respect of major crops/crop groups.

Table 1: Agro-Processing Industries in India—Growth, Status and Prospects

Sl. No.CropRecent products, processes, trends and technologies 1Rice Fully automatic modern rice mills
Partially cooked/quick cooking rice
Breakfast cereals and value-added products
Attractive packaging and branding
2Wheat Fully automatic roller flour mills
Whole bran wheat flour, Fortified wheat flour
Attractive packaging and branding
Large number of baked products
Automatic chapatti making machines
3MaizeCorn flour-packaged and branded, Baby corn
Corn flakes and value-added products including ready-to-eat snacks (salted & sweetened) Starch material, corn oil with specific consumer desired attributes Large, automatic corn processing plants
4Coarse- CerealsValue-added products including breakfast foods & extruded fortified tasty products 5PulsesAutomatic processing units for...

References: • Agro-Processing Industries in India—Growth, Status and Prospect R. P. Kachru (Asstt. Director General (Process Engineering), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi)
• OTS Report of VAPCOL
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