Africa: the Unknown Continent

Topics: Africa, Egypt, Slavery Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Trice Riddle
Mrs. Jennifer Sikes
English 1020
11 February 2009
The Unknown Continent
Many people know about it and have seen it on maps before but they still do not pay attention to detail or really care. People still say today that it is a country but it is a continent made up of countries. Many people describe it as the “dark continent” because it has not developed enough to be like an Asia or the Americas. Its hard to really discover what Africa is and how to define it. The land is rich and the people are full of life. Africa to many is just a land of desert and is impossible to live in because of the harsh climate. The people of Africa may be struggling its hard to tell on their faces when you visit. They are all smiles and take everyday of life to its fullest. What people do not know is that Africa is one of the most richest in resources. Its hard to find and discover them because they do not have the equipment. Africa to me could be United States of America when they find the right tools and discover the natural resources they have. When I hear the word Africa I think of Egypt, deserts, and the Nile River. Also, South Africa has a couple of really famous golfers that play and dominate the PGA Tour in the United States. Africa needs to have a since of pride from their history and move forward to be a known continent. I want to discover what Africa is and finally put a name to it where people can see that it is a beautiful, strong continent.

The history of Africa is priceless. The history is so amazing its hard to tell people about. The African tribes had to rely on each other in order to survive. One of the earliest languages was founded by African tribes. The villagers would communicate by making a clicking sound with their tongues. Even though it has no words, the different sounds and lengths of the pitch was used to understand each other. They still do this today but it is rare. They have found one of the earliest human life forms in history....
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