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Topics: Africa, Islam, West Africa Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Africa has a rich and very detailed history. The biggest desert is Africa called the Sahara. Since it was so hard to travel across by feet, people needed a better way of traveling. The introduction of camels had a great influence on West Africa. If it wasn’t for camels, there would be no trade. The salt/gold trade, how Islam influenced West Africa, and the cultural legacy of West Africa, are a few of the many historic events that make West Africa amazing.

The two items that were most in demand in trade between North Africans and West Africans was salt and gold. In Angara, gold was plentiful. In Gharry’s empire, people in Muslin lands made coins out of gold. Muslims also needed gold to purchase silk and porcelain from China as they would only accept gold. West Africa traded for slat. They needed salt because it is hot in West Africa so there was a need for salt to replace the salt they sweat.

Islam influenced West Africa greatly. Islam influenced religious practices, decorative arts, government and law, education, language, and architectural styles. First, Islam influenced religious practices by learning the five pillars of faith. Next, Islam influenced decorative arts by introducing calligraphy and new way to dress. Lastly, Islam influenced government and law by succession that became patrilineal.

The cultural legacy of West Africa is music. Music marked important events, communicated people and also was for celebration. One term was the call and response. A call and response is a song style in which a singer or musician leads with a call and a group responds. Instruments that were used in West Africa were goni, kara, balafon, rattles, and drums. West African music and dance is still performed all over the world.

In conclusion, West Africa is a very plentiful and beautiful place that uses many resources that are useful. Believe it or not, Africa was also one of the first countries that began to use camels! Camels are a great source of...
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