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When someone asks us about a country we know nothing or little about, the majority of us would say the first thing that pops up into our heads that has been planted there by the news,movies or documentaries about that country. We assume the things we are shown about places are all facts and that these countries are really how they are portrayed on these popular media sources. In a brief field study, when asked about the country of Afgahnistan some mentioned they percieved Afgahnistan as a totalitarian country which oppressed woman and robs kids of there childhood and innocence by planting hate in there hearts at an early age. In one group interview, Most said they saw Afgahnistan as a war stricken country,full of religious fanatics with ak-47s, a place with illiterate people who are stuck in a past time frame. When asked about Afgahnistan one interviewee said it was a place with "no religious rights, where you have no choice but to be muslim". Another interviewee was asked to state his personal view on Afgahnistan , he argued "The majority of the people hate americans and the only justice they know is street justice".

What would you respond to someone who asked you to define Geopolitics and popular geopolitics? Geoplolitics can be understood as the way leaders of countries act towards eachother for there own gains. For example if a country sees another country has something they want they try to stay on good terms with that country for the fact that the country has something they want. Now what is popular geopolitics? Popular geopolitics is what the average citizen of one country thinks about the average citizen of another country. Popular geopolitics is how two countries view eachother and is mostly controlled by how one countries media lets its citizens view the other country.

Popular Geopolitics is affected by popular media outlets such as news,movies,cartoons and video games. Call of Duty modern warfare 2 was a very popular...
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