Aegean Art

Topics: Minoan civilization, Greece, Bronze Age Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: July 4, 2013
Mpoyo Mulongo
ART 263. Art History I
Assignment # 3
Aegean art refers to art that was created in the Grecian lands surrounding, and the islands within, the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Civilization of the Grecian islands was composed of three different cultures: * Cycladic (Cyclades Islands) 3000-2000 BCE

* Minoan (Crete) 3000-1400 BCE
* Mycenaean 1400-1100 BCE
According to Stokstad, on the Cycladic Islands, late Neolithic and early Bronze Age people had a thriving culture. They engaged in agriculture, herding, some crafts, and trade. They used local stone to build and fortify towns and hillside burial chambers. He continues stating that their art is the major source of information because they did not leave any written records. (84) Janson states that this period has been subdivided into three main phases: * Early Cycladic I (Grotta-Pelos phase: 3200-2800 B.C.) This phase is still close to Neolithic tradition characterized by small settlements and cemeteries with graves, burnished pottery, marble vessels and figurines. The chief marble vessels are the collared and footed jar ("kandila") and the beaker. The most popular form of figurine is the "violin-shaped" on illustration 1, but there is also the more naturalistic "Plastira" type.

(Illustration 1) violin-shaped from search “Cycladic art”. * The Early Cycladic II (Keros-Syros phase: 2800-2300 B.C.) is characterized by a rapid social and technical development, and an increase and a development of very organized settlements along urban lines. * Early Cycladic III (Phylacopi I phase: 2300-2000 B.C.) is characterized by a Development of the settlements and a predominance of pottery with painted dark colored geometric decoration on a light ground. Marble figurines are restricted to a schematized conical form with projections at shoulder height. Tombs are rock cut. (98-109) Generally, the Cycladic...
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