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Chapter 18:
Managing Mass Communications:
Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events, and Public Relations


Multiple Choice

1.In developing an advertising program, marketing managers can make five major decisions known as “the five Ms. Which of the following is NOT part of “the five Ms.” a. mission
b. money
c. message
Answer: ePage: 568Level of difficulty: Easy

2.Today, advertising agencies are redefining themselves as ________. a.communications companies marketing companies
d.full-service companies
e.none of the above
Answer: aPage: 568 Level of difficulty: Easy

3.Advertising objectives can be classified according to whether their aim is to inform, persuade, remind, or ________. a.create interest
c.create demand
Answer: dPage: 569Level of difficulty: Medium

4.When setting the advertising budget, marketers must consider five specific factors. Which of the following is one of the “factors” that must be considered? a.Message details.
b.Cost of television time.
c. Cost of new product’s development.
d. Stage in the product life cycle.
e. Buyer’s reaction to the campaign.
Answer: dPage: 569 Level of difficulty: Hard

5.In designing and evaluating an ad campaign, it is important to distinguish the message strategy or positioning of an ad from its ________. a.brand strategy
b.creative strategy
c.test strategy
d.medium strategy
e. corporate strategy
Answer: bPage: 570Level of difficulty: Medium

6.A creative brief is an elaboration of the positioning statement and includes such items as ________. a.key brand benefits
b.detail instructions for the director of the commercial
c.detailed instructions for the print ads
d.key actors to be used in the commercial
e.none of the above
Answer: aPage 570 Level of difficulty: Hard

7.Television is the most powerful advertising medium. Television can be an effective means of vividly demonstrating product attributes and persuasively explaining their corresponding consumer benefits. Second, TV advertising can be a compelling means for dramatically portraying user and usage imagery, brand personality, and other brand ________. a.sounds

d. tangibles
Answer: cPage 571Level of difficulty: Medium

8. Print media provides much ________ product information and can also effectively communicate user and usage imagery. a. detailed
b. specific
Answer: aPage: 571 Level of difficulty: Easy

9.Radio’s main advantage lies in its ________.
a. disk jockeys
d.age of audience
e.none of the above
Answer: bPage: 572 Level of difficulty: Easy

10.Advertisers prepare a copy strategy statement describing the ________, content, support, and tone of the desired ad. a.frequency
Answer: ePage: 570Level of difficulty: Medium

11. Under U.S. law, advertisers must not ________.
a.copy other’s ads
b.make false claims
c.advertiser to children
d.advertise after 3 a.m.
e.demonstrate a product
Answer: bPage: 573Level of difficulty: Easy

12. “Puffery” is defined as ________.
a.a description of a bakery product
b.used in sales brochures to tout the benefits of a product c. simple exaggerations
e.non-truths but legal
Answer: cPage: 573Level of difficulty: Easy

13. In choosing the proper media to carry the message, advertisers must decide on ________. a. strategy, users, media markets, users, heavy users, target markets, consumers
d.reach, impact, television stations
e.reach, frequency, impact
Answer: ePage: 574Level of difficulty: Medium

14. ________ is most important when...
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