Advantages of internet

Topics: Computer, Broadband Internet access, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Thanks to the growth of information technology, we now live in the ‘Computer Age’. The Internet has many uniquely modern functions. Yet, there are risks and bad effects when using it. Four pros are going to fight against four cons below.

Widely used in offices, research institutes, information centers and education, the Internet has greatly raised the accuracy and efficiency of work, and saved much money and manpower for human beings. This multi-medium assists us in our work in so many ways. It can centralize updated data and backup documents without copying by hand. We can check available balance, make transfer payment, pay bills and buy insurance or stock through the internet. It makes our life so much easier.

On the other hand, the Internet represents an opportunity for students to explore the incredible wealth of information which enhances our learning. The low cost and nearly instantaneous sharing of ideas, knowledge, and skills have made collaborative work dramatically easier. It allows us to conveniently and professionally do researches, prepare projects, and do other work. This really can enable us to acquire more knowledge and equip ourselves.

The Internet provides us with new chances to widen communication and deepen relationships. We can stay in touch with family and friends across the globe via using chat-rooms and messaging tools such as MSN and facebook, a very popular site which allows people to share photos with others. Moreover, you can meet friends worldwide and exchange different cultures.

Fun and entertainment can also be offered by the Internet. Shopping on line no longer sounds strange. It is handy and comfortable to get what you want on web sites and wait at home for the goods delivered. Children can play various kinds of on-line games. Indeed, the Internet has become a companion of man.

Despite the numerous advantages of using the Internet, there are some disadvantages we should admit.

The use of the Internet may have...
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