Advantages Disadvantages of Project Management

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Project management is a concept which has both benefits and limitations and it is important for the management to consider both sides of the project management. Benefits of Project Management
The benefits of project management are listed as per below:
* Project Management gives you a clear and a well defined scope of the project which helps in better communication and distribution of responsibilities among the members of the project and then everybody knows what to be done. * Project Management helps you to decide that what types of human resource do you need to hire to do the job and what types of trainings should be given to them in order to build their capacity to do the job in a better way. * Another benefit of Project Management forces all those who involved with the project to think in deep and go to the details of the project. This will help in better understanding of the project. * It is a mean of accountability, as it assigns duties and tasks to individual people, and then follow them with them that whether they have done the job or not. * It is an excellent way to established relationship between various activities and functions in a project.  And this relationship is important in the achievement of project goals and objectives. * Project Management makes the management proactive, as it tells you in advance about when the corrective actions should be taken, this helps to resolve the problems and issues timely and avoid crisis situations. * Project Management advances the professional development of the project team members through training and active participation. Limitations of Project Management 

On their other hand project management also has some drawbacks and limitations which one should seriously comfier. These limitations are listed below: * The project plan can’t be complicated; it needs a certain degree of simplification. Project management may leads to a complex project plan which sometimes is misleading to those...
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