Advantages & Disadvantages of Constructing a Factory at Housing Area.

Topics: Pollution, Social issues, Factory Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: October 27, 2008
In the beginning of the month, FMN Can Food Company had announced that there will be a large sized factory built for the company’s can manufacturing near our community. People in the community had shown their concern and attention to this matter. Some supported the project while others tried to oppose it. After conducting researches regarding this matter, I, as one of the members of the local committee, would like to share my opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of building the proposed factory at our community in this paper.

The main disadvantage of building this factory is pollution. Use of machine for manufacturing cans and tins will create waste products such as ashes, dirt, smoke, and some chemical wastes. The factory has to put in great effort in order to manage these wastes well. If this is not done, it will create a hazy environment to the community and harm our people. In addition, factory wastes that are not managed well will also bring water pollution to the community. Issues about factories that did not dispose their chemical wastes in the correct way are very common in these days. Unused chemical substances were disposed into the rivers illegally; this had eventually endangered the water species in the river and destroyed the drinking water sources of the people. Sound pollution is also one of the disadvantages can be brought to the community. People can be getting annoyed easily by the loud noises from the factory. Studies show that one who lives in a noisy condition for a long period has greater chance of developing health problems.

Another disadvantage of constructing factory nearby the community is that people’s health can be affected easily if the factory is not managed well. Toxic chemical substances that are found in the polluted water and air can be transferred to the body when the water was drunk or the dirty air was inhaled by the people. As a result of the pollutions such as water pollution, sound pollution, and air pollution...
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