Economic Development vs. Environment

Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Economic development flourishes our life,but our environment is deteriorating with the growth of the economy. The present serious environmental problems are largely caused by rapid economic development. For example, land resource are shrinking because of industrial environment and the expansion of cites. We excessively exploit nature and ecology, which is threading future generation. We shouldn’t sacrifice environment to develop economy, because if we sacrifice the environment for economic development, we won’t have any clear food, pure water and clean air; we will live on the Earth with humans only; and we will reach the day that our children will no longer see the sun rise. The natural resource which we depend on to exist are polluted by the development of economy. We will be difficult to eat clean vegetables. To increase the output of per acre, a farmer’s easiest option is use pesticides and fertilizers, which produced a lot of grain and vegetables but they are not health for human’s body and pollute soil. Water was important parts for living of humans, but the pollution of water are becoming more and more serious all over the world. Today, in order to improve the economy, there have more and more factories work. There will have more and more industrial wastewater is being poured continuously into river with impunity, which contains a variety of toxins. The quality of air has been worse. cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Both of food, water and air have badly affected by industrial which in order to improve economy. Animals are human’s best friend, but animals are seriously influenced by human’s action, especially on thing which can rapidly improve economy. Animals don’t have enough space to live. Human needs to develop economy in continuously expend the cities, which can build more house or factories to economic develop, in this way human expropriates the area of animals. As we know, industry...
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