Advantages and Disadvantages: Federal, Confederate and Unitary Systems of Government!

Topics: Form of government, Local government, Unitary state Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Advantages and disadvantages: Federal, Confederate and Unitary Systems of Government!

The unitary government   is often described as a centralized government. It is a government in which all powers held by the government belong to a single, central agency. The majority of all worlds’ governments are Unitary. For example, Great Britain. Some advantages of a Unitary Government are; uniform policies, laws. Enforcement and administration throughout the country. This is a huge beyond huge positive trait of a Unitary Government. Also, there are fewer issues between national and local governments. A unitary Government depicts greater unity and stability too. As far as advantages go, there are disadvantages as well. This government seems to be out of touch with the local concerns, and is quite slow in meeting those problems. This means that the government only serves the minor inconveniences. In all, a Unitary government has its ups and downs, although is a widely used system throughout the entire world.

A Confederate Government is an alliance of independent states. A central organ – the confederate government – has the power to handle only those matters that the member states have assigned to it. This type of government system is not used very much today- in fact it is very rare in today’s modern world. The closest government system we have today in the European Union, it is the closest to a confederation presently. The advantages of this system are: Confederate Governments keeps the power at local levels. This prevents the growth of a large central government. It also makes it possible for the several states to cooperate in matters of common concerns and to also retain their separate identities. A confederate government is the type of government where the national government derives its powers from the states. It has the power to handle matters that the member states have assigned to it, and only that. That’s a type of disadvantage as well- a limited power to...
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