Advance Energy Meter

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Mr. Ashish s. Khachane

Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology
& Reseach ,Badnera

"Science is the study of the world as it is.
Engineering is the creation of the world tomorrow"

Science is basically "passive" observation of the universe as it exists to generate knowledge. Engineering is making use of that knowledge to meet human needs by creating machine, systems, process and technologies that have not previously existed. Design and manufacturing are the synthetic part of engineering practice. Manufacturer has received a lot of attention recently for very good economic reasons. Distributed energy should have proper return in form of money to meet of cost of production, transmission and distribution to fix rate for consuming energy, we have to count energy utilized. As well electrical utilities, like any other heavy industries, have greatly increased the familiarity with sophisticated electronics in recent years. Significant changes are taking place in the electric energy industry worldwide. Many development came in this field to find how we can measure this energy effectively. First of all came conventional disc type energy meter in this interaction of flux produced by current coil and pressure coil create mechanical counter attached to spindle to which rotating disc is attached. Many times it becomes necessary to find out the energy consumption consumed by our house appliances we use. The project “ADVANCED ENERGY METER” prepared by us can be used to find out how much electricity appliances in our house are using and how much they cost to run.


If we want to save power and reduce costs, we need to know how much power each appliance uses over a period of time. Most appliances don’t run all the time, so we need to know the power they use while they are actually running and how much they use over the longer term. The easiest way to determine that is to use an electronic power meter and this new "Energy Meter" fits the bill nicely. It displays the measured power in Watts, the elapsed time and the total energy usage in kWh. In addition, it can show the energy cost in rupees. As a bonus, it also includes comprehensive brownout protection. One obvious use for this unit it to show refrigerator running costs over a set period of time, so that we can quickly determine the effect of different thermostat settings. Alternatively, it could be used to show the difference in energy consumption between the summer months and the winter months. If we have a solar power installation, this unit will prove invaluable. It will quickly allow us to determine which appliances are the most "power hungry", so that we can adjust our energy usage patterns to suit the capacity of the installation. And there are lots of other uses – for example, the unit could be used to determine the cost of pumping water, the running costs of an aquarium or even the cost of keeping our TV set on standby power, so that it can be switched on via the remote control.


Energy Meter:-
An electric meter or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to or produced by a residence, business or machine. Problem Definition
Standby power
The cost of standby power is something that most people never think about. However, there are lots of appliances in your home that continuously consume power 24 hours a day, even when they are supposedly switched off. These appliances include TV sets, VCRs, DVD players, Hi-fi equipment and cable and satellite TV receivers. They remain on standby so that they are ready to "power up" in response to a command from the remote control. By using the Energy Meter, you can quickly monitor these devices and find out which are...

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