Advanatges & Disadvatages on Coeducation

Topics: Education, Sexual intercourse, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: August 29, 2011
Coeducation is an education system where girls and boys are taught together. Many parents have the same dilemma about placing their children in co-ed schools or on-sex schools. Truth to be told, there are many advantages and disadvantages of coeducation. One of the main advantages of coeducation is that a coeducational school enables boys and girls to exchange ideas. Many people have different opinions on different matters. For example, boys and girls many different point of views on education, entertainment, news and many more. There is an healthy exchange of ideas among the opposite sexes. The second advantage is that the spirit of competition is stronger among boys and girls when they study together. Boys and girls love to compete with each other in their academic studies and extracurricular activities. The boys want to prove to the girls that they are better than them by working harder and vice versa with the girls. Thus, their academic performance as well as their performance inn extracurricular activities improves. The desire to be respected and befriended by the opposite sex is the motivating force here. Thirdly, students in coeducational schools are better able to adapt to the society compare to one-sex schools. The boys and girls learn to mix with the opposite sex like studying and working together. This helps them overcome their shyness and fear in the company of the opposite sex. Furthermore, the students learn to respect and understand the different characteristics of the opposite sex. Students in coed-schools will have a better social etiquette with the society, resulting students not going through culture shock when they leave school for college, university and working life . Another advantage of coeducation is one-sex school students may lead to homosexual students. As we learn in science when an adolescent reaches puberty, they will go through physical, physiological and emotion changes-like being attracted to the opposite sex. Students in one-sex...
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