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Man has a nature of curiosity. He always engages with doing something unique. In the past century they explored in many field. It was a time when a man could hardly think about the unbelievable development that is within reach now.

Media is a mean of transmitting the message, thought, opinion and view point. In the beginning, man used horse and other animal to send the message to the receiver. It took time to deliver the message and the probability of spoiling the message was on the top. Now man has entered the age of science and technology. They have explored the farther space. They have got a tremendous achievement in many field as well as Electronic Media. We are living in the era of electronic media. None can avoid and escape from it. It is prevailing profound effects on advertisement, education, information, politics and other social activities.

Now students have a great opportunity to enhance their knowledge through accessing internet. All the information in all topics is far beyond one touch of a button. Electronic media has entirely changed the mode of advertisement. Different types of tricks are employed to attract and attend the valuable customers. Sometimes an innocent client is really confused in making the decision. On the other hand it gives extensive options in selecting the desired product.

Electronic media has revolutionized the information system. Now everyone can be aware himself with current information and updates. So many TV channels in the country and internet websites justify the importance and advantages of electronic media where everyone has a freedom to exchange his view point freely.

Statement of research problem
To discuss various facets of electronic media and its contribution in socio-legal transformation.

The strength and importance of media in a democracy is well recognized. Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, which gives freedom of speech and expression includes within its ambit, freedom of press. The existence of a free, independent and powerful media is the cornerstone of a democracy, especially of a highly mixed society like India. Media is not only a medium to express once feelings, opinions and views, but it is also responsible and instrumental for building opinions and views on various topics of regional, national and international agenda. The pivotal role of the media is its ability to mobilize the thinking process of millions. The criminal justice system in this country has many lacunae which are used by the rich and powerful to go scot-free. Figures speak for themselves in this case as does the conviction rate in our country which is abysmally low at 4 percent. In such circumstances the media plays a crucial role in not only mobilizing public opinion but bringing to light injustices which most likely would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Blackstonian concept of freedom of press which was expressed as early as in 1769 contained four basic points Which still form the crux of the concept of press freedom. They are as follows: 1. Liberty of the press is essential to the state.

2. No previous restraints should be placed on the publications. 3. That does not mean there is press freedom for doing what is prohibited by law 4. Every freeman has the undoubted right to lay what sentiment he places before the public, But if he publishes what is improper, mischievous or illegal he must take the consequence of his own temerity. It cannot be denied that it is of practical importance that a precarious balance between the fundamental right to expression and the right to ones privacy be maintained. The second practice which has become more of a daily occurrence now is that of Media trials. Something which was started to show to the public at large the truth about cases has now become a practice interfering dangerously with the justice delivery system. The following observations of the Supreme Court in R....
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