Adoptive parents

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Three criteria for judging a good adoptive parents

For some children who can no longer live with their biological parents adoption can be the only chance to have a family. When adopted, a child becomes rightful member of the family; he or she will have the same rights and privileges as a biological child would. As for the adopting parents, pursuing adoption can be difficult: to be considered, candidates go through thorough screenings and background checks to guarantee that a child receives quality care and finds the right environment for his or her development. It is therefore very important to insure financial stability, physical health, and psychological integrity of potential adoptive parents.

Financial stability goes far beyond having enough funds. It means that the adoptive parents must have a steady financial income in order to supply long-term nutrition, education, health care, and safety, to name a few, for the family’s new member. While some adoptive parents may rely on public education system, it is important to consider the potential expenses derived from tutoring and special development programs. At the same time, adoptive parents must be able to cover any medical cost in case of sickness, a cost that grows exponentially when the adopted children have special needs or suffer from chronic diseases. Many children will require additional help with transitioning into a new family, and hiring a therapist or a children psychologist may be an extra expense.

Unlike the financial stability, physical health is perhaps a less obvious characteristic when considering adoptive parents. One could argue from an emotional point of view that the love and affection adopting parents can offer is more relevant than any physical impediment. While this may be true in the case of a couple using wheelchairs, when it comes to the extreme opposite - such as, let’s say, terminal illness - it becomes less of a debate of morality and more of capability. Even though each...
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