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Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Perhaps you thought, “Why am I so short, or why do I have blue eyes?” Then you look to your parents and realize it is inherited. People who are adopted can’t find that out. All they can do in life is wonder. They don’t know their past, and they don’t know their future.

A raging debate has been taking place across the nation over whether or not adoptees in the US should have access to their original birth certificates when they reach 18. However, at present they do not, even though most non-adoptees think they do. In 46 states, when adult adoptees apply for their birth certificate, what they receive is an amended copy showing information related to their adopted status only, with no reference to the names of their biological parents.

One question comes to most people’s mind when they think about Open Records, “Do adoptive parents, in the majority, oppose open records?” The answer is a definite No. 100% of adoptive parents said that vital medical information should be available for adoptees and birth parents seeking the information. This does not mean that they would receive the names of their biological parents, but it would save lives by letting us know what we need to prepare for and prevent. We, as adoptees don’t know if we have a chance of getting diabetes, or even cancer. It is estimated that 3% of the worlds population is adopted. An Open Records Law would NOT decrease the overall rate of adoptions. Alaska, Kansas, and Oregon give adoptees their original birth certificates. In the 1990’s has had over twice the per capita rate of adoptions as Texas. That just goes to show that this would not decrease the number of adoptions. Those who oppose Open Records may argue that this law would increase the number of abortions. They are also wrong there. Studies have shown that the longer a country or state has Open Records, the less abortions they have. In the US there are about 335 abortions per every 1,000...
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