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Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Adolf Hitler, not only changed Germany completely with the Nazi party, but he impacted the world. In 1933, Hitler came to power Germany. Many innocent people were gruesomely killed, specifically Jews, by him and his Nazi’s. There are many reasons why Hitler come have come to power. One being that Germany had just been through a war and lost. Another was the Treaty of Versailles made a contract for Germany, which made living very difficult. Many were poor and disappointed with the Treaty. Germans wanted a way out and Adolf Hitler was their solution.

Despite being uneducated, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian man was able to rule one of the most powerful nations of the world. Although he did not have an education, he was still able to write and make effective speeches. Hitler rise to power began in 1919. After World War I, he joined the Nazi’s and was soon able to take control. He told people that his goal was to make Germany more powerful. Hitler was able to brainwash the people with the use of radio, leaflets, newspapers and leaflets. The Germans liked the idea of having a strong leader, so with Hitler's strong and effective speeches. By doing so he was able to win people’s trust. From 1933-1940, Hitler ruled Germany, as a dictator. He was able to defeat most of Europe within a nine month time span. Like many other Germans, Hitler felt that the treaty of Versailles was harsh on Germany. Along with the German soldiers, Hitler believed that they were capable of winning World War I. Many of the soldiers said that they could have fought longer during World War I. The Nazi’s began with these soldiers. Hitler blamed the government for Germany losing the war since the government signed the Treaty of Versailles. Members of the government were given the name “November Criminals”. According to Hitler the government consisted of Jewish people, Marxist and communist. By provoking the German people to feel betrayed by their government, Hitler was able to get many to follow and...

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