Adolf hitler

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Adolf Hitler
Nazi leader from 1919 to his death in 1945.
Hitler was born in Braunau in Austria on the 20th April 1889. Before the First World War he was an original guy living in Vienna. Hitler was a painting a lived of selling his cheap sketches. When the war broke Hitler was in Munich at that time, which make him sign up and fight throughout the war. He entered politics in Munich in 1919.

Hitler views were:
Anti-Semitism and racial supremacy
Lebensraum and Versailles
Führrprinzip –Nazi party and Germany to be dominated by the one powerful leader, the führer. Hermann Göring
First world war fighter pilot hero.
He became a close ally of Hitler in 1922.
He played an important part in the Munich putsch in 1923 and became popular with the Nazi activities. In 1928 Göring was elected to the Reichstag and in 1932 became president. Played a key part in the deal to appoint Hitler chancellor in January 1933. It was widely accepted that it was Göring organized the Reichstag fire to discredit the communist. Drew up the knight of the long knives in August 1934.

Although he lost control of the police system to Himmler, his power increased when he took control of the Luftwaffe and the four-year plan office in 1936. He was also responsible for removing Jews from German economic life. Was appointed official deputy to Hitler in June 1941.

After 1942, Göring’s position declined rapidly. He was blamed for the failure to prepare the economy for total war. Joseph Göbbels
Joined the Nazi party in 1925 as a supporter of the radical ideas of Gregor Strasser. Became the party’s expert on propaganda and was appointed Gauleiter of Berlin in 1926. In January 1933 he was appointed minister of propaganda and popular enlightenment. He took control of newspapers, films, radios and arts.

Göbbels was a master of publicity, carefully exploiting the Reichstag fire in February 1933, the burning of books in May 1933 and the berlin Olympics in 1936. He was the...
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