Admin of a Staffing System

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Administration of a Staffing System

The type of staffing organization can vary greatly from one company to another. How the staffing function is structured depends on the company's size, type, strategy, budget, and staffing needs. In small organizations, all staffing may be handled by the owner or general manager. In mid-sized organizations, one or more HR generalists may be responsible for handling staffing along with a variety of HR duties. In large organizations, complex staffing departments with dedicated professionals may be created to handle extensive staffing needs. Other key decisions include the option of having a centralized or decentralized staffing function (discussed previously in this course) or whether to outsource some or all staffing functions. The establishment of written policies and procedures to manage the staffing system is extremely important in the process. Established guidelines help to keep the staffing system operating according to the staffing strategy. When there are clear, consistent policies and procedures to follow, the intent of the staffing function is clear. This keeps everyone playing by the same rules with the same focus in mind. The selection, implementation, and administration of staffing system technology is another important aspect. There are many types of technology available to help make the staffing function more efficient and effective. The careful consideration of staffing related technology can help ease the administrative burden of this HR function. The decision to outsource some or all staffing functions, and the management of the outsourced functions is a key factor in staffing. Outsourcing some or all staffing related functions may be appropriate for some organizations. It can be a good business decision, but must be managed properly to ensure that the goals of the organization are met and the quality of staffing is maintained. Recordkeeping and reporting, auditing, addressing privacy and other legal...
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