Adlerian Theory

Topics: Personal life, Meaning of life, Social environment Pages: 9 (2285 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Behaviour is purposeful and goal oriented
Consciousness more than Unconsciousness
Choice and Responsibility
Meaning in life
Striving or success, completion and perfection
Drive to overcome our sense of inferiority
Motivates us to strive for mastery, success (superiority) and completion Life Goal: unifies the personality and becomes the source of human motivation Humans have the capacity to interpret, influence and create events Genetics and heredity are not as import

Important is what we choose to do with the abilities and limitations we possess Recognize that biological and environmental conditions limit our capacity to choose and to create Focus on:
Reeducation and reshaping of society
Internal determinants of behaviour (values, beliefs, attitudes, goals, interests and individual perception of reality) It is essential to understand people within the systems that they live

View the world from the subjective frame of reference- Basic factor explaining behaviour Phenomenology: The individuals way in which people perceive their world Subjective Reality: Individuals perceptions, thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, convection and conclusions Objective reality is less important than how we interpret reality and the meanings we attach to what we experience

Individual Psychology: Understanding of the whole-individual How all the dimensions of a person are interconnected components How all of these components are unified by the individuals movement toward a life goal Emphasized unity of the person and understanding the whole person in the context of his/her life Family, culture, school and work

Holistic Concept: we cannot be understood in parts, but all aspects of ourselves must be understood We are social, creative, decision-making beings who act with purpose Human personality becomes unified through development of a life goal An individuals thoughts, feelings, beliefs, convictions, attitudes, character and actions are expressions of their uniqueness. They all reflect a plan of life that allows or movement toward a self selected lie goal Individual is an integral part of a social system

All human behaviour has a purpose
Humans set goals for themselves and behaviours become unified We can only think, feel and act in relation to our perception of our goal Individuals can only be fully understood in light of knowing the purposes and goals toward which they are striving Interested in future without minimizing the importance of past influences Decisions are based on individuals experiences, on the present situation and on the direction in which they are moving Fictional Finalism: Imagined central goal that guides behaviour (striving toward superiority of perfection) Guiding Self Ideal: Individual’s image of a goal of perfection, for which they strive to achieve in any given situation Because of our subjective final goal, we have the creative power to choose what we will accept as truth, how we will behave and how we will interpret events

Striving for perception and coping with inferiority by seeking mastery are innate The goal of success pulls people forward toward master and enables them to overcome obstacles Superiority: Moving from a perceived lower position to a perceived higher position Individuals cope with feelings of helplessness by striving for competence, mastery and perfection (weakness to strength)

“Plan of Life” “Style of Life” “Road Map of Life:
An individuals core beliefs and assumptions guide each person’s movement through life and organize their reality, giving meaning to life events Connecting themes and rules of interaction that unify all our actions Our perceptions regarding self, others and the world

Includes and individuals characteristic way of thinking, acting, feeling, living and...
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