Additional Activities Below That Be Added to Wbs

Topics: Project management, Management, Work breakdown structure Pages: 3 (667 words) Published: July 18, 2012
After reviewing the WBS and chart Gantt created for Tasks 3 and 4 in part 2, I propose the additional activities below that be added to help me estimate resources and durations. Solution
Under Prepare schedule and cost baseline I propose
* Determine task resource
* Determine task duration
* Determine task dependencies
* Create finalize Gantt chart

Under Executing I propose
* Rick management

Under Monitoring and Controlling I propose
* Team Weekly Meetings

By following the additional activities I proposed to the WBS, I will show you how they help me estimate resources and durations. As you can see that Work Breakdown Structure is a result-oriented family tree that describes all the work of my project. With this tree, WBS often portrayed graphically and also lists all “child” in categories and tasks which displayed in Gantt chart. I make new Gantt chart by added 3 main activities, let parse them one by one. Under “prepare schedule and cost base line” I proposed: “Determine task resource, Determine task duration, Determine task dependencies and Create finalize Gantt chart”. It’s easy to understand that I want to make my estimated time in Gantt chart more clearly. With “determine task resource” I can determine and re-estimate time schedule because with this one I can hold the main people in my project and re-assign my task list. “Determine task duration” can help me define report’s day exactly and with the deadline, my project’s team should work hard. “Determine task dependencies” help me highlight the main goal of my project, and with Main goal in each phase, I can fix the deadline of them. After three activates up there, I can “finalize Gantt chart” and public it soon to my project. It helps us understand our project more and more clearly. “Rick management” will help me control my project during Executing phase. I can understand which rick is dangerous and I can define cover solution as soon as possible. If not, your...
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