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AdAptive pAth's Guide to

experience Mapping


First Edition published August 2013 Adaptive Path pier one, Bay 2 san Francisco, CA 94111 Written and designed in san Francisco and Austin We love our ideas to spread. this license allows you to remix, tweak, and build upon our work non-commercially. When doing so, you must acknowledge Adaptive path. When in doubt, just ask us. We won’t bite. For more information on what you can do with the content and ideas contained in this guide, go here: by-nc/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro street, suite 900, Mountain view, California, 94041, usA.

of course, customers don't care about these efforts. they care about meeting their needs across touchpoints and across the competitive landscape. When done well, an experience map illuminates the holistic customer experience, demonstrating the highs and lows people feel while interacting with your product or service. the process of mapping uncovers the key customer moments that, once improved, will unlock a more compelling and more valuable overall experience. We've used experience mapping in our practice, among other methods, to generate insights, support new initiatives, and build stronger futures for the organizations we partner with.


our mission at Adaptive path is to guide our clients towards great human experiences. We've created this guide for others who are ready to take on that challenge. As you collaboratively create and use your experience map, let us know what you discover!

organizations collectively spend billions of dollars each year on experiences intended to attract, serve, and retain customers. they build new stores and launch new websites; answer thousands of questions in call centers; market, advertise, and promote in multiple channels; experiment with trendy mobile apps; roll out new products; and re-engineer services. in short, organizations create and manage a myriad of touchpoints that they want to add up to a differentiated customer experience. 03

The Value of Experience Mapping
An experience map is a strategic tool for capturing and presenting key insights into the complex customer interactions that occur across experiences with a product, service, or ecosystem. At the heart of an experience map lies the customer journey model, an archetypal journey created from an aggregate of all customers going from point A to point B as they attempt to achieve a goal or satisfy a need. the activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across teams and stakeholders, and the map as artifact allows you to create and support better customer experiences. in short, experience mapping is a journey that can involve and impact your entire organization.

Customers are increasingly choosing products and services based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. these experiences often break down when they span multiple channels. As a result, organizations need a holistic, humancentered view of the experiences they create. in short, they need a map. Advances in technology and changes in customer expectations are placing more emphasis on the interconnectedness of channels and touchpoints that support customers attempting to satisfy their goals and needs. smart organizations have realized a lack of interconnectedness is a major competitive risk. A few examples: → Retailers are grappling with new customer behaviors that have changed the very essence of what an in-store experience is and can be. Healthcare providers are seeking new ways to provide patient-centered continuity of care while maintaining quality and minimizing cost. Financial institutions, in response to growing regulation, are adopting new cross-channel service approaches to differentiate their brand and products.


New challenges require new approaches. organizations are...
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