Adam Bede Is The Hero Of George Eliot

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 Characterization Adam Bede

Adam Bede is the hero of George Eliot’s novel ADAM BEDE. He is close-pin portrait of the novelist’s own father. George’s father, Robert Evans, began his working life as apprentice carpenter then “he raised himself from being artisan to be a man whose extensive knowledge is very varied”. When the novel opens, Adam Bede is introduced to us as a carpenter and foreman in Burger’s shop. George Eliot describes Adam as “not average man yet such men as he is reared here and there in every generation of our peasant artisan”. Thus, Adam resembles Robert Evans in his “severity”, uprightness, and ambition. Adam’s appearance shows that he is strong and attractive man. George Eliot describes him at the very beginning of the novel to be “long-boned muscular man, nearly six feet high”. His eyes are dark and observing, and his hair is jet black. He is proud of himself as anything he makes it must be perfect. He is described by everyone as “sensible fellow”. Beside, in spite of not being Methodist like his brother Seth Bede, he is religious man. He is not spiritual but he believes in principles, ethics, and ways of life. He is God-fearing person to the extent that he cannot imagine making love to any woman who is not his wife “I am none of the men as can go making love first to one woman and then to another”. He also sees that God is everywhere not only churches “there’s the spirit of god in all things and all times weekday as well as Sunday”. He is also honest and sincere. Adam’s sincerity is demonstrated when he says to his brother “let thy entire converse be sincere, thy conscience as the noon day clear”. We see that Adam’s qualities make some critics described him as “The monster of goodness”. “It’s said that love doesn’t that love doesn’t exist without sympathy, sympathy doesn’t exist without suffering”. This phrase...
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