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1. What happens to the glucose concentration as you add glucose carrier to the system?
As showed in the experiment, the base line data showed a flat 6 on the measurement of glucose concentration, as we added 100 of the glucose carrier it decreased to 4.29 add another 100 and it became 2.57 then 0.86 and when we already added 400 of the glucose carrier the result is already zero. The level of glucose concentration in the urine decreases because as we add glucose carriers, the kidneys are reabsorbing more glucose molecules using it as a fuel for various chemical processes.

2. At what point does the glucose concentration in the urine become zero? When we added 400 glucose carriers to the system, the glucose concentration became zero because the more glucose carrier is introduced to the system the greater the reabsorption of the glucose in the blood. 3. A person with type I diabetes cannot make insulin, and a person with type II diabetes does not respond to insulin that is made. In either case, the diabetic person is unable to absorb glucose into the body. What would you expect to find in the urine of a diabetic person? Why?

Since both types of diabetes have problems with insulin it is expected that the patient will exhibit glycosuria. Insulin is the primary hormone used to regulate the blood sugar level in the body. If there is lack of this hormone expect that the blood sugar level will be elevated. Normally, the blood is being filtered by the glomeruli and the glucose is being reabsorbed at the proximal tubules of the kidneys. If there is too much glucose in the blood, the kidneys will fail to reach its optimum filtering mechanism thus, failing to almost completely reabsorb the glucose. Once it fails, glycosuria will be seen.

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