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Acne is a major problem among many people, mostly teenagers, around the world. For most people it can be a headache and can control most of their lives. Acne can be handled if the ways of prevention, the effects, and the ways of treatment are known. Acne can easily be prevented if the person knows the causes and does the daily tasks that are needed to keep his skin clean. Too much oil in the skin causes most acne; therefore, it is important to keep his hair clean and away from his face. Dirt is also a primary cause. Washing his face twice a day and washing his hands before touching his face should reduce the risk of too much dirt entering his skin. Drinking lots of water is a major way to prevent acne. If he wears glasses, he should clean them daily before wearing them. It is also necessary to wash his pillow cases, sheets, and blankets. This will keep the oils and dirt from his hair from being spread to his skin (For all to see).

Acne has a major effect on people, mostly emotionally and socially. Common among teenagers, acne gives them low self-esteem. They see themselves as having a negative body image, which produces low self-confidence. Most teenagers are found in a stage of depression or frustration. Feeling embarrassed, they often seem to withdraw themselves socially. They spend most of their time finding ways to remove or hide their acne. High rates of unemployment can be found from adults (For all to see).

There are many people to call and many medicines that can be used to treat acne. A doctor and a dermatologist can be very helpful. People can receive laser treatment and collagen injection. Skin surgery is also a treatment for acne (Ferguson’s Careers in Focus). Although these may seem expensive, there are also many over-the-counter medicines that can be used. Many creams and antibiotics are made just for acne (Acne Skin Care).

As difficult as it may seem, dealing with acne is actually easy. Just knowing how to prevent it would solve a...
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