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Chapter 1

The Problem and its Background
The term RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification, a technology which uses radio waves to automatically identify items or people. Most commonly this involves the use of an RFID tag and a reader device. In general terms, Radio Frequency Identification systems consist of an RFID tag (typically many tags) and an interrogator or reader. The interrogator emits a field of electromagnetic waves from an antenna, which are absorbed by the tag. The absorbed energy is used to power the tag’s microchip and a signal that includes the tag identification number is sent back to the interrogator. The use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. Some tags require no battery and are powered and read at short ranges via magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction).

Backround of the Study

Tanauan Institute has already been using the Library System. Since the institution is already using such technology, these will be the first time for the institution to use Radio Frequency Identification. The researchers thought of maximizing its use by creating a system that will track the students who borrowed books, which will be having RFID stickers for monitoring purposes, in the library.

Currently, the school’s library is using the “Library System” in monitoring the books, which has a number of limitations. It is not capable of generating reports that can determine the books that are mostly borrowed which can help them decide on the number of a particular book they will be purchasing in the future. It is also using Microsoft Visual Basic for the system’s database which can only store very limited information. On the other hand, the system that the library is using in recording the attendance of the users cannot help them in identifying the library users of the month. The librarians need to manually count the number of times each student had logged in the system. Lastly, they have also no means of reminding the library users regarding their borrowed book

Statement of the Problem

Not capable of generating reports that can determine the books that are mostly borrowed.

No means of reminding the library users regarding about their borrowed books.

Manual counting the number of times each student had logged in the system.

Objectives of the Study

Generally, the researchers aim to design and develop a system that would enhance the use of the current Library System with the help of RFID in the said Institute.

Specifically, the study aims to:

Design and develop a system that will generate reports to determine the trend in book borrowing

Use MySQL for the system’s database

Determine the library users of the month in just a click of a button

Remind the students and faculty members regarding their borrowed books

Test and evaluate the system’s accuracy and reliability

Scope and Delimitation

There would be some limitations to the project that should be taken into consideration. This study limits its coverage to the students of the Tanauan Institute only. It will be conducted for two semesters which consists of 10 months. Two low frequency ACR122U Smart Card Readers will be used for the system: one for the monitoring of books and the other one for the recording of the attendance. The system will be written in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010. The database that will be incorporated with such is Microsoft My SQL. It will execute only in platforms running Windows Operating System. The applications of the system will only cover the monitoring of books and tracking of the borrowers. Other unavoidable circumstances, such as power interruptions and speed of access, and other more complex areas of RFID...
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