Achieving a paperless office
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Could we achieve a PaperLESS Office?


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for giving me invaluable information and support whilst doing my investigations for this project.

Terms of Reference

This project is concerned with investigating and evaluating the Human Resources Department of an Isle of Man Shipping Company, their current systems for maintaining records relating to seafarers certification. To generate possible ways of reducing the level of paper handled.
To draw conclusions from the investigations and make recommendations taking into account the possible need to train staff and the cost implications


My role is working within the Human Resources Department . Within the modern world of business there is an ever-increasing need for organisations to be more efficient. The current systems we use at present to maintain seafarers certification are that of paper format kept in cabinets around the office, this has resulted in the office being cramped and not working as efficiently as it could. I feel that paper documents are anything but fast and effective. Whilst keeping paper data may sound like the right answer to store personnel data in reality for some information it simply cannot be done. Information will continue to be lost, misplaced, wrongly filed or damaged.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for managing personnel information, data and process. Ensuring the business is compliant with employment legislation.
The aim of this project is to generate possible ways of reducing the level of paper handled, and to bring improvements to my working environment. A function that is efficient, cost effective, merits regulatory compliance, prevents the loss of data and assisting

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