Accountability and Responsibility

Topics: Multi-level marketing, Pyramid scheme, G.I. Bill Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: May 18, 2011
These two words are often used interchangeably, however, they are NOT interchangeable. Let me explain: Responsibility can be, and often is, shared. Many people are responsible to you in your NWM business - Your sponsor, the rest of your upline, the people in your organization as it begins to develop, and, of course, your company, just to name a few. Your sponsor was responsible for bringing you into the business, but it doesn't stop there. In fact, the dictionary definition of sponsor is "One who assumes responsibility for some other person or thing". Your sponsor is also responsible for helping to make sure you are properly trained, and that you receive all the necessary coaching, mentoring, and support as you begin your growing Usana business. Similarly, the rest of your upline is responsible to you and your sponsor in much the same way. And you, in turn, are responsible to everyone you sponsor into your business. Every person in your organization (which some people refer to as your 'downline') is responsible for conducting themselves professionally in introducing the products and business to others. Our company is responsible to all of us to provide quality products, effective business-building tools, and a robust marketing plan to help each of us reach whatever goals we desire. Accountability, on the other hand, CANNOT be shared. We often hear the term "shared responsibility", but there is no such thing as "shared accountability". Some would call that term an oxymoron. One could define accountability as the "ultimate responsibility". Perhaps it would help to think of one of the quotes that former President Harry S. Truman was famous for, and that is, "The Buck Stops Here". That is probably the clearest and most well-known statements of accountability ever made, and it leaves no doubt in one's mind as to where the ultimate responsibility lies. Which brings me to the main point of my comments, which is that, while many people are responsible for your...
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