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The Importance of Accountability

As a soldier of the world’s most powerful military force, the U.S Army, it is imperative that I demonstrate competence, efficiency, and professionalism at all times. To achieve this goal accountability is an absolute necessity. As a soldier I must maintain constant accountability of my equipment and my team. Without constant visual and/or physical security of my equipment I would be making it too easy for the enemy to take my equipment and use it against me and my fellow soldiers. Without accountability of my fellow soldiers I put them as well as myself in danger. If I don’t know where my team is it is impossible to come to their aid if needed and vice versa. That being said it is a key part in being a leader for that exact reason. You cannot be an effective leader without knowing or at the very least have some type of idea of the location of the ones you are leading and what they are doing at all times. Accountability in its self is a major part of not only being in the military, but many different aspects of life as well. The rules apply where ever you go. Parents must maintain accountability of their children, teachers must maintain accountability of their students, and supervisors must maintain accountability of their workers. No matter what you do in life you will have to keep accountability of someone or something, and someone will most likely be keeping accountability of you, there is no getting around it. Most crimes happen when people are lost and/or nobody knows where they are. If somebody at least knows the general area of where you are they can find you a lot quicker than if they were just searching where you might be. That in its self could be the difference between life and death. People lose their jobs over accountability every day. Whether it be losing a file, or not calling in sick, or just not calling to tell somebody that they are going to be late for whatever reason. A lack of focus and accountability loses...
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