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Republic of the Philippines
Sorsogon City Campus
Sorsogon City

A.Y. 2014-2015

I. Summary

Organization/ Adviser

Brief Description
Future Educators’ Guild and Dr. Susan Janer, as well as other student organizations.
Clean Up Drive
The FEG was assigned by the SSG to facilitate the clean-up drive in the Education Department with the help of the faculties and minor organizations.
December 12, 2014
Future Educators’ Guild and Dr. Susan Janer, as well as other student organizations.
General Assembly
The FEG, as well as its minor organization, gave reports about the activities conducted and the financial status of the organization to the Education students.
November 14, 2014
Yuorick Jardin,(FEG Vice President), as well as the representative of EASA, TSC, and SSG of SSC and other student leaders from different colleges in Bicol Region.
FVTLP 2014 (Future Vocational and Leadership of the Philippines)
The representative of the FEG undergoes intense leadership training in order to enhance their leadership skills along with other student leader coming from different colleges in Bicol Region.
November 20-23, 2014
Jayson Reyes (FEG President), along with the student representative from different school nationwide.

PACSA (Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers) 2014
The representative of FEG with other student leaders attended training and seminars at PACSA convention to improve their leadership knowledge and skills.
November 21-25, 2014
Future Educators’ Guild and Mrs. Susan Janer, as well as other student organizations.
Education Days 2014/ Foundation Day
The FEG spearheaded the 3-day celebration of Education Days, along with the Foundation week, before the year-end through conducting seminar, academic, sports& cheer dance competition, and wacky games among its constituents in order to foster good relationship among the Education- Accountancy students.

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