Accident: Unplanned and Sudden Events in Life

Topics: Tram accident, Road accidents, Accidents Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: February 14, 2013
I think that we all know what an accident is. An accident can take place anytime and anywhere. An accident is unplanned and is sudden events that can cause small or major damages to the person or property. Accidents are something we all have been in and no one can say that they haven’t been in an accident. There are many types of accidents such as, Auto accidents, Boat and water accident, Work and factory accidents, animal accidents (dog bite, snake bite), sport accidents, slips, trips and fall accidents.

I have also been in many accidents but there is a one that I specially remember. This had taken place in India. It was a cold day. There was some fog and not much traffic on the road. Me and my friends where playing in the small field near the apartment. Suddenly we heard a loud noise. The driver of a car lost his balance at a turn. He crashed into an electric pole. We all rushed for rescue. Many other people also came running. The driver was badly hurt. We helped him to come out of the car. He had received a big cut on the forehead. He was profusely bleeding. Soon he was carried away in a car to the hospital. The driver was the only person in the car. The car was badly smashed. A pool of blood had collected on the road. After sometime a team of traffic police came. They cleared away the crowd. Then they began their investigation. It was a horrible experience. I could not believe my eyes. It all happened in no time. I still feel frightened when I remember the accident.

I would also like to tell you about an accident that I have read about, this accident have taken place in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia the motor vehicle is the main means of transportation. Between 1971 and 1997; 564 762 people died or were injured in road traffic accidents, a figure equivalent to 3.5% of the total population in Saudi Arabia. During this period 66 914 people have died on the roads in Saudi Arabia due to road accidents, amounting to...
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