Accenture's War for Talent in India

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Mobile Health Care in India

MBA Iris 2013
Business with India

Zippy, Hanna, Dima, Avi,
January 26, 2013

Table of Contents
1 Overview 3
1.1 What is at the stake 3
1.2 Competition is about killing your competition 4
1.3 The killer instincts 5
2 Building Strong Brand via Advertizing, Promotion and Public Relationships 7
3 Market Expansion 9
3.1 New Opportunities Created enables frontiers expansion. 9
4 Summary 10
What is at the stake
Some fact about India: * India population count ~1.2 Billion people. * 20% of the population lives in urban areas, 80% lives in rural areas. * Upper class in less than 5% of the population, mid-class is ~ 15%. * India economy grows ~ 8% each year in the last 10 years. *

What is at the stake for The Japanese Brands (Sony, Panasonic, NEC)
Two American giant corporations, Google & Apple dominate one of the biggest and fastest growing markets with a junction with Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese developers and producer - this leave Japanese out of the game. iPad & Nexus control 90% of the Japanese market which is well known for being loyal to Japanese products.

Japanese brands desire to take a bite in this huge market where almost every child and adult is going to own Tablet in the developed countries and the same for the middle-class in the developing countries.
It became clear to the Japanese brands that losing this market will not only result in stagnation, but might hurt their brands position in the long term internally but also externally to Japan.
Japanese consumer electronics brands want to close the gaps Vs. their competition as well create a clear competitive advantage in their products.
Competition is about killing your competition

How competing with a giant as Apple Corp. with a superior customer experience?
How competing with a giant as Samsung or Asus which is dominating the tablets market?

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