ACC 206 Week 5 Final Paper Cost Accounting

Topics: Depreciation, Bookkeeping, Double-entry bookkeeping system Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: October 30, 2014

This document comprises ACC 206 Week 5 Final Paper Cost Accounting

Principles of Accounting II Cost Accounting Accounting is the accumulation and aggregation of info for decision makers including administrators, traders, authorities, loan providers, as well as the general public. Accounting systems impact behavior and administration and have effects across divisions, companies, and even nations. This report will provide the reader a knowledge regarding cost accounting. This report will talk about: Why is cost accounting so essential to the achievement of the company; what are the different ways of cost accounting and how are they utilized; how does an operating budget work in order to control a firms administration; what are the factors of a financial budget; how are financial budgets developed; what is variance analysis and the way its utilized. Cost accounting can be defined as the procedure of gathering, computing, assessing, interpreting as well as reporting cost info which is both helpful and related to the internal and external stakeholders of a business. Among the many advantages of cost accounting is that it converts data into info, knowledge and wisdom regarding a business entitys functions which is helpful for: gauging efficiency, decreasing or controlling expenses, deciding the charges or rates for services and goods, determining to approve, change or stop a plan or activity. One more advantage is that info on the costs programs as well as activities can be used as a foundation in order to approximate future expenses in organizing as well as analyzing budget requests. As soon as budgets are authorized as well as executed, cost info serves as a helpful comment on efficiency. In addition to that, costs might be compared to known or supposed advantages in order to identify value-added and non-value added actions.

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