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By Carrom Aug 14, 2013 750 Words
Adversities of the graduates
After the graduation from high school, the adolescents are anxious to explore their unknown future with excitement. When graduating, the young peoples’ time to do whatever in the world has come, the choice is theirs and they can do anything they are possible to. Some of the graduates seize the opportunity to travel somewhere they always have desired. On the travels, the adolescents may achieve a job and then be able to reside at their location for a longer time. These young people might not return home for many years, since they thrive and have gained a happy and satisfying life abroad. Other graduates stay in their home country and start to work or study. Some stay at home and others start to live on their own in an own apartment. The possibilities for the adolescents after graduation are many. The world is wide open for the young people and they only have to choose what to make of it. However, the choice the adolescents make might not always be preferable. Until now they have probably lived a secured lifestyle with a school to visit five days each week with strict studies and a clear appreciation of what to do for homework. The former students lived at home with food made by their parents and clothes bought with the child support. After graduation, the adolescents are supposed to take care of themselves. It is time for them to make good choices which are advantageous for the adolescents’ everyday. The graduates do not longer achieve their monthly child support and now have to earn their own money. They might have to apply for jobs which provide them with the amount of salary able to support all the expenses of the young adults. Withal, the familiar fact that it is hard for the adolescents to enter the working world complicates the situation the young people end up in after graduation. Consequently, young people are without a working place to arrive every morning and earn money at. Hence, some graduates find themselves without any obligations and spend the days doing nothing by importance at home. On the other hand, there are several young people who are in the place where it is time to search for a job without sending in job applications. These people may find it exhausting applying for jobs and, consequently, they spend their time doing unimportant things as for instance, playing videogames. Otherwise, some graduates may feel afraid and do not dare to go to job interviews, hence they do not make an effort to send in resumes. For the aforementioned reasons, hence it is difficult for the newly graduated to achieve a job, some of the adolescents finds it meaningless to send job applications since they feel curtain about not to achieve the job and avoids to do an attempt. Rightfully, the newly graduated have a hard time to achieve jobs, yet, there are certainly no chance the adolescents will do so if they do not make any attempt. If the young people would try to achieve jobs and send job applications on the days, instead of playing videogames, they would probably in due course get a job. Overall, the young people without much of earlier experiences in the working life have to agree with the fact that they most certainly cannot achieve a highly desired job. The graduates who are new on the labor market need to accept and receive whatever work comes their way. All workers have to start somewhere and work their way up. It rarely happens that one who just has graduated from high school immediately achieve its dream job. Indeed, there is other ways to be more desirable on the labor market. For instance, there is the choice, after graduating high school, to start studying at a universe. Corollary, the student will hopefully achieve an exam in an area of work where it would desire to practice a job. With the exam, the student will be more likely to obtain a job which the adolescent would appreciate to practice since the exam is a proof of how the person possesses knowledge in that certain area of work. Summing up, the newly graduates have many opportunities after high school. There might be some adversities, specifically when applying for jobs. However, if the young people only strive to make their dreams come true, maybe one day they will find themselves sitting in front of the desk at their dream job.

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