Academic Integrity

Topics: Academic dishonesty, University, United Arab Emirates Pages: 2 (1211 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Academic Integrity in a cultural context:
Human civilization is cumulative , it started from nothing, to stone age, to iron age, etc., for example, I am using now my PC to write this paper, this PC passed through long way to end to the shape it is now, and will continue developing , this is the story of human civilization . According to ( Gascoigne, Bamber. From 2001, ongoing): Civilization requires at least a rudimentary civil service. In the organization of a civil service, a system of writing is an almost indispensable aid, and no civilization will thrive without writing. But the development of writing greatly enhances civilization. And with a script comes history. We started learning our words and knowledge , from our parents , relatives, teachers, friends and the community we lived and are living in, in addition to books , internet and our experience in this beautiful life we –interactively- still learning . We have to admit that almost all of our words , and most of our knowledge are acquired from our community , and the cumulative human resources.Academic integrity in the middle east cultural contextAccording to McCabe, et al(2008, volume 49,issue5,pp 451-467) Research , “ Little work has been done on academic dishonesty in the Middle East. This research investigates the nature of the relationship between contextual factors and academic dishonesty using a sample from three private universities in Lebanon, and compares the results to a sample from seven large universities in the US. Using the basic model of McCabe et al. (Research in Higher Education 43(3):357–378, 2002), ”, they found that : * Perception of peers’ behavior , has significant role in students’ decision concerning academic integrity. * Norms of the collectivist society ,where middle east’s people raised, (Collectivism is a social psychological term that relates to the manner in which humans identify themselves and prioritize their goals. - Collectivism focuses on the...

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