Academic and Professional Success

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Course Information and Classroom Review
This assignment gives you an opportunity to explore the virtual classroom and review the contents of the UNIV103 course information as you prepare for this unique learning experience. Please answer the questions below based on the UNIV103 course information.

1. What is the name of your online textbook, and where can it be found within the classroom? Answer:

2. How many Live Chats will your instructor be holding each week? Answer:

3. Where are the Live Chats archived in the classroom that you can review anytime during the week? Answer:

4. Is there a Small Group Assignment in this course?

5. How many Discussion Board posts, in total, will need to be made each week (including your Main Post)? Answer:

6. Should you submit your Discussion Board Main Post to the Discussion Thread area, or submit it to the Submissions area? Answer:

7. Where do you submit your Individual Projects?

8. Who are the authors of your online textbook?

9. Submitting another person's work as one's own is called what? Answer:

10. In addition to calling your instructor’s office phone number or e-mailing your instructor, what is another way you can communicate with your instructor during the week? Answer:

11. What are your instructor’s office hours?

12. Where are all of your weekly assignment directions located? Answer:

13. How much is your Unit 2 Individual Project worth?

14. During which weeks of the course will you be expected to complete an intelliPath unit? Answer:

15. True or False: Before beginning work on any intelliPath unit, you should first complete the Determine Knowledge section.


16. Can a Discussion Board post made AFTER Sunday midnight CST be graded by your instructor? Answer:

17. What is the title of the first chapter in your Student Success online textbook? Answer:

18. What chapters in your...
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