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Examination Timetables for 2013
Printed copies of your examination timetable, as displayed in myUnisa, will be accepted at Examination Venues together with identification documents. To print a copy:
1. Go to your "My Admin" site
2. Click on the link for "Examination Timetable"
3. Ensure that your mouse cursor has identified the correct part of the page (frame) 4. Click on the print function/icon of your Internet browser It is very important that you pay special attention to the dates and times of the examinations. You must make provision for delays (traffic etc.) so that you arrive in time at the examination venue. Ensure that you are seated at least 15 (fifteen) minutes prior to commencement of the examination session. Latecomers will not be allowed access to the examination venue. Please also verify your examination dates, times and venue. It is possible that your venue may have changed. PSO1501 – errata on May/June exam paper

Some small errors were discovered on the May/June exam paper, too late to change the paper. Please take note of the following for when you write? Question 1 consists of 24 multiple choice questions. You will fill in these answers on the mark reading sheet, next to the numbers 1 to 24. Question 2 has 16 multiple choice questions. So you will carry on using the same mark reading sheet. The next open answer is no 25, so your answer for Question 2.1 will go next to no. 25, Q2.2 will be next to 26, and so on. Exam paper question numbers

Mark reading sheet numbers
Q1.1 to 1.24
1 to 24
Q2.1 to 2.18
25 to 40

The instructions under Question 2 say that there are 18 questions – this is a mistake, there are actually 16 questions that you must answer. On the last page, you are instructed “QUESTIONS 3 TO 9 MUST BE ANSWERED IN YOUR ANSWER BOOK”. However, there is no Question 9. Do not worry about that, just answer questions 3 to 8.

PSO1501 - Topics to focus on for the exam
NB: You need to study ALL of your study material for the...
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