Abusive Parents Essay

Topics: Psychological manipulation, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 31, 2008
Abusive Parents
Abuse is to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way. Twenty-one percent of children are physically abused and forty-six percent are neglected. Parents are suppose to direct their children in becoming good adults by protecting them, encouraging them, and being dedicated to them. Abusive parents lay guilt trips and frequently abandon and disapprove of their children and teens. Children tend to become timid and shy or bold and aggressive in new situations due to a dear and mistrust of others, including their parents. There is a violation of trust between a caregiver and a child. Children become intimidated by their parents because of the power an adult has over them. In The Fifth Born by Zelda Lockhart, every type of abuse was addressed; sexual abuse and emotional abuse but the continuing abuse was physical abuse. The physical abuse were constant beatings and whippings. Odessa’s parents felt that beating their children would relieve the constant guilt they took upon themselves.

Abusive parents tend to have a short temper, which most time outcomes are anger towards a love one. Odessa’s mother, Bernice, had a short temper towards her children. When Towanda, Odessa’s sister, spilled lemonade on the floor, Bernice’s reaction was “You think I go through all this trouble cleaning up this damn house for ya’ll to be spilling shit all over the floor I ought to whup your ass,” The reaction Bernice had was anger from the embarrassment she received from her guest. Odessa’s father, Loni, would beat/whip his children believing that he was teaching them discipline. When the children were in the car playing around while their parents were in the store, Loni gave each of the children a beating/whipping for their actions. Beating/whipping your child is not the proper way to discipline your child because your children mental reaction will be damaged. The mental effects on children are trust lost towards the parent, a tendency to want to be alone and...
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