Abulkhair Khan

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Abul Khair Khan
Battles Against Jungars
Prepared by Smagulov Alim


Khan of the Little Zhuz Muhammad Abulkhair Ghazi Bahadur Khan, was born in 1693. He grew up in an environment where Kazakh Khanate were attacked by the Jungaria and Kalmyks. XVIII century In the history of the Kazakh nation was particularly tragic, the constant attacks from the Jungar invaders did not allow people to develop steadily. Abulkhair showed special courage and intelligence to protect the cities of Tashkent, Turkestan and Sairam, which belonged to his ancestors. Abul Khair from a young age was famous personal courage, was a talented and intelligent politician. In 1726. At the Congress of the three Kazakhs zhuzes sultans, Biis and Batyrs unanimously chose Abulkhair Khan as an army commander of the Kazakh Khanate.

As commander, Abul Khair made outstanding work in the army as a volunteer, strengthen its security, encourage patriotism and high morale in the military. The results of the measures taken by Khan, can be seen as early as 1728, when Abul Khair won his first victory over Jungars. Army of Abulkhair dispelled the myth of the invincibility of Jungars, the people have confidence in achieving a complete victory over the enemy.

By the beginning of XVIII century, the zone of influence Junggar Khanate substantially expanded and included an Altai, East Turkestan, middle and upper reaches of Irtysh and the average period of Tobol and Ishim. During the reign of Galdan Tseren (1697-1728) Jungaria reached the peak of its military and political power. Military operations Oirat were against Manchu China, Kazakh nomads and Central Asian possessions.

Abulkhair actively participated in military campaigns and raids Kazakh khans and sultans. At the age of 17, he became one of the military leaders of the Kazakh military general administered by the Batyr Bogembay. Sultan Abul Khair participated in the defense Tashkent and Turkestan and a Sairam and that owned by his ancestors.

In 1718 Sultan Abulkhair was elected a Khan of Little Zhuz. With the 30-thousand army he opposed Jungars and gave battle on the river Ayaguz. In 1726 at the congress of the three Kazakhs zhuzes in Ordabasy Sultans, batyrs and Biis unanimously elected him supreme commander of the army of the Kazakh Khanate. Under his leadership, the combined forces of the Kazakhs twice, 1729 at the Battle of Anrakay and 1730 in the battle in the area it ishpes Alakul, broke the army of Jungars and were close to complete victory.

The Battles against Jungars

In the historical memory of the Kazakh people, perhaps the most deeply imprinted period of confrontation with aggressive Junggar Khanate - the state of the western Mongols (Oirat), existed for a little more than 120 years in the eastern and south-eastern borders of modern Kazakhstan. It is this era - XVII-XVIII century - the Kazakhs was called жаугершілік заманы - the period of continuous wars with Dzhungars and other warlike neighbors.

Difficult years of constant wars and invasions from mutual enemies have resulted in the formation of the Kazakh clans common ethnic identity. Actually, at this time and is internal consolidation of the Kazakh people and ends processing and consolidation within his native habitat.

First Phase

The first meeting of the Kazakhs with Jungar Khanate | Jungars were 1643 in during the reign of Zhangir Khan. The battle was called a Battle of Orkbulak. In this battle, the army Kazakh Khanate | Kazakhs, which counted 20,000 people won Jungar Khanate | Djungarian border troops, of 30000-50000 people. In this battle, Jungars lost about 10,000 people. To reinforce their losses, Salk Zhangir Khan | Zhangir asked an army from Zhalantos Bahadur | Zhalantos batyr. Later Kazakh Khanate | Kazakhs - Jungar Khanate | Jungar conflicts were rife. In 1652 Jungars were lead by Hoshouty | hoshouty Ochirtu-Tsetsen Khan and destroyed the Kazakh ulus. Zhangir Khan was killed by the son of...
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