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This particular project is a solution developed to communicate between the users across worldwide through Internet. A message or information can be sent via many medias such as it can be telephonic, telegrams, fax etc to the recipient. Each such information requires a high level of security. To maintain such security and smooth completion of any communication it requires more time and human effort in manual systems. The entire process has been automated using JAVA technology to smoothen the flow of information in a highly secure environment across the network. We can send both the text based and voice based messages so we can do teleconferencing using this. While designing the system, care has been taken in efficiency, maintenance and reusability of the software for the present and future changes in the system.

In future we can upgrade this by adding the features of making the video conference environment, sending picture messages and giving userid, password facility for added security.

Advantages of Proposed System: -

The application is feasible for the economic as well as the technical advantages it gives. The main advantages are: - As the solutions is integrated and developed on the JAVA technology so that it provides multi functionality services. The solution is built purely on the Java Technology using the latest version of Java Swing. So the solution is platform independent and architecture independent. The JAVA based solution is defined as the solution for the enterprise wide application where each and every individual system are integrated on the JAVA platform for the smooth communication among different technologies and solutions. This particular project is a solution developed to communicate between the users across worldwide through Internet. The concept of sending letters and telegraphs has been reduced due to the new era of Internet Mailing. One such facility is being provided by the Chat...
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