Topics: Coin collecting, Sorting algorithm, Sorting Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: January 12, 2013

- To be able to create an improvised machine with the use of Technology. - To discuss about the group’s Investigatory Project and Product. - To site ways about the product’s effectiveness and advantages when it comes in sorting coins.

Prepare all the needed materials in constructing or making the electronic coin sorter. Before doing anything ask a guardian or a professional for assistance or help especially for minors. Next is, measure the desired size of the electronic coin sorter of the rotating disc and the sizes of the coin that can fit inside the containers of the coin sorter. Measure the sizes of the coins and draw it on the disc. Construct or fix the wires that are needed to be connected with the moto or any parts of the machine. Add a wire and switch. For the disc to function and rotate, connect it with the motor and try to activate it if it rotates properly. Fix everything for the internal part of the device or machine. Use a wood or metal for the bases and for the sides. Add four different sizes (depending on the sizes of the coins) of containers of the coins, cut the wood on the designated sizes. Connect it with machine. Finalize the internal and external parts of the device. Finally, test the device if it works properly, record the data’s gathered and see if any problem can be encountered.

The result of the improvised machine is quite successful. The findings are based on the observations, where the group had found out that the more number of coins that is being sorted/organized, the more also in the time consumed. In the other hand, the lesser the number of coins to be sorted, the lesser time consumed.

The Group 6’s Product: The electronic coin sorter may help us in any way when it comes to sorting coins. The sorter helps sorts’ coins, without people sorting it manually which it takes a lot of time and also effort. With the product, in just switching on the machine, the machine will sort...
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