Abraham Maslow. Introduction to Early Childhood Education

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Abraham Maslow

ECE 101: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Carmen Balgobin
July 25, 2011

Abraham Maslow Abraham Maslow developed a theory of motivation called self-actualization, based on the satisfaction of human needs. He identified self-actualization, or self-fulfillment, as the highest human need, but other basic needs are satisfied before self-actualization is achieved (Morrison, 2009). Maslow loosely defined self-actualization as “the full use and exploitation of talents, capacities, potentials, etc.” (www.abraham-maslow.com). Self-actualizers have several characteristics: * More efficient perception of reality and more comfortable relations with it * Acceptance (self, others, nature) * Spontaneity; simplicity; naturalness * Problem centering [as opposed to ego-centered] * The quality of detachment; he need for privacy * Autonomy; independence of culture and environment * Continued freshness of appreciation * Mystic and peak experiences * Gemeinschaftsgefiihl [a feeling of kinship with others] 10. Deeper and more profound interpersonal relations * The democratic character structure * Discrimination between means and ends, between good and evil * Philosophical, unhostile sense of humor * Self-actualizing creativity * Resistance to enculturation; the transcendence of any particular culture
In order to achieve self-actualization, there are five basic needs that need to be satisfied. The five basic needs are: 1. Life essentials 2. Safety and Security 3. Belonging and Love 4. Achievement and Prestige 5. Aesthetic Needs
The life essentials are the basics, such as, water, food and air. Children need to establish good and healthy eating habits. They should eat breakfast before school because if the children are hungry during school, they will have a hard time concentrating on learning. Lunch and snacks should be provided throughout the day by the school or daycare.

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