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Topics: United Arab Emirates, High school, Dubai Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Me, myself and I
I was born to this imperfect world on an April day of the year 1996 in the young country of the United Arab Emirates. That April 25th, a Lebanese couple was given their first born daughter who they later named Nahla Jaber. As I grew, I went through many phases- From being obedient to showing the rebelliousness inside me. My personality started to develop and I noticed I was mostly a happy person. Although I come from a conservative and traditional family, my own experiences bred my open mindedness. I can be outgoing at times but I personally like to stay within the boundaries of the known. I graduated in the year 2013 in Maarifa International School with a British certificate which I take immense pride in. During my school years I learnt many valuable life lessons and even learnt a lot about myself. I realized that I loved to read and it would take me places far from wretched reality. They were my own super heroes in my times of need. Finally, through all my ventures, my biggest one right now is college life. I joined University of Sharjah pursuing my lifelong passion of Business Marketing. I am currently in my first year and very much looking forward to the stories that this particular adventure will hold. I await its surprises, both the good and the bad as these are the stories that mould a person into an individual.

My second home
School is the place where we spend most of our childhood. We meet friends, suffer with exams and even get a taste of harsh reality sometimes. I chose to spend my childhood in a quaint school named Rosary. It was run by nuns. They had classes from nursery to eleventh grade. I made friends there who I hope will last a lifetime because as I grew to learn, many of my newer friends are temporary burdens. They use people like a leech. I thank Rosary for giving me that handful of people I can proudly say will be there for me no matter what time I call. Other...
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