Abortion vs. Adoption

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Which do I choose?
Abortion vs. Adoption
Donalee Munns

Which do I choose?
Abortion vs. Adoption
I have been to the drugstore. I have bought the test. The ride home with I full bladder seemed to take forever. Finally, I am able to complete the test. The two minutes I wait for results seem more like two years. I hands are shaking. I look carefully- the results are unmistakable. Two pink lines appear in the window. I am without a doubt pregnant. This is the worst time in the world for a baby. I am scared. I feel alone. What do I do? Believe it or not, I am not alone at all. There are over 78 percent unplanned pregnancies today (Adoption Blogs). What options are available for I and I baby? The answer is simple: abortion or adoption. The really difficult question is which choice is right for me? Let’s compare and contrast these options so I can make the best choice for me.

The first similarity between abortion and adoption is that I can pursue earlier goals and plans (Bethany Christian Services). The second similarity between the two is that I can live independently (Bethany Christian Services). The third similarity is I will not have to parent prematurely if I am a teenage mother (Bethany Christian Services). I will be able to resume I education or career goals that I have for it (Bethany Christian Services). Not only will I not have to parent prematurely, but I will be free from the financial burden of parenting that comes with having a baby (Bethany Christian Services). I will also have the freedom to choose if I want to have a long term relationship with the baby’s father (Bethany Christian Services). I will not have to stay with him if I do not love him or do not want to be with him if I choose either abortion or adoption (Bethany Christian Services).

The differences that I have between adoption and abortion are that with adoption I pregnancy ends with giving life (Bethany Christian Services). Unlike abortion I pregnancy ends with...
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