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Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion / Pages: 2 (419 words) / Published: Dec 1st, 2014
New law in Spain: outlawing abortions except in rape cases or where the mother's health is in danger.
It is a common belief that abortion is primarily used by women who simply don’t want a baby. While this reasoning can be true, there are other situations in which an abortion could actually be beneficial and even life-saving.
There are numerous situations in which an unplanned pregnancy can cause excessive amounts of stress and physical strain on a woman, that she may choose to avoid by having an abortion. Although there is a saying that implies one can never be 100% ready for having a child, there are some situations that can prove to be more than just learning experiences-situations in which a pregnancy could have a detrimental impact. A few situations include becoming pregnant at a very young age, while going to school, being without a partner, and being financially incapable of supporting a child.
In circumstances like the ones we just mentioned, having a baby will not only cause the typically life-changes that are expected, but it could actually have a long term negative impact on the mother’s life. For instance, becoming pregnant at a young age, could result in failing to finish school which might also mean being unable to obtain employment in a place where advancement is a realistic goal.
DISADVANTAGES OF ABORTION Although there are a number of benefits of having an abortion, there are also a few disadvantages that can accompany this procedure. The side effects associated with abortion can be physical and/or psychological in nature. It is very common for women who have had an abortion to later struggle with feelings of regret, shame, and depression about the decision they made. This is especially common in women who were of a younger age when the abortion took place, as they realize in the years to follow, with a more mature outlook, that they had ended a life. Abortion is a permanent procedure that cannot be undone, and this can be a hard realization for women who are young.
As you can see, there are plenty of pros and cons of abortion and there simply isn’t one right choice that applies to every woman in every situation. The question of whether to get an abortion should be seriously mulled over and both sides of the argument considered before a decision is made. Again, once the abortion is done it cannot be undone.

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