Abolish Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Marriage privatization Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 24, 2009
The article “Abolish Marriage” by Michael Kinsley is about why we should get rid of the institution of marriage. Kinsley proposes that marriage should be taken out of federal government and be put into the hands of private organizations. Kinsley argues that if marriage was privatized, the gay marriage debate as well as a lot of the controversy on marriage would be eliminated. Although Kinsley makes an interesting argument, it is bad idea and only simply will not work with today’s society.

Kinsley’s solution to the gay marriage debate is to end the institution of government-sanctioned marriage. His idea for marriage is to simply privatize it and let organizations such as churches, department stores, casinos and other such place to have it. He wants to let couples celebrate marriage however and wherever they want and under any rules the couple prefers. Kinsley even suggests if a person wants to marry themselves or even three or more people want to marry, let them do it.

Firstly, if marriage were abolished, would it eliminate the various state and federal benefits couples enjoy? Most of us today are concerned about money and how we can save and make the most of it. Federal and state benefits provide benefits to married couples such as tax credits, spousal veterans’ benefits, joint insurance plans, martial confidence privileges, and much more. If marriage were privatized, would most of these benefits go away because they are federally established benefits for married couples? This point alone would sway most married couples away from privatizing marriages because of the fear of it hurting their bank account. What about the confidence privilege? If federal marriage was ended, a spouse could be asked to testify against their spouse in court. Basic laws are in place for married couples to forbid this. This would be a huge disadvantage because married couples know should know each other better than anyone else.

Secondly ending federal marriage would lead to it...
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