9/11 Documentary Review

Topics: September 11 attacks, American Airlines Flight 11, Terrorism Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: November 24, 2013

9/11 Movie

1. Order of Events: The movie started out with two French brothers named Guidden and Jules Naudet who planned on making a film a boy becoming a Man and with the help of fire fighter James Hannlon. They then picked a man named Tony who was a probe at the same station as James. The followed him around for five weeks, watching him clean dishes, wash the engines, paint tools, and make beds, nothing exciting was really happening and then on September 11th it all changed. The fire fighters that were on duty that morning responded to a call about a possibly gas leak, they saw the first plane hit the 1st tower and instantly responded to the scene. Once they arrived to Tower 1 the chief instantly talked to the authorities of the Tower and then learned that the elevators were no longer working and to get to the floor that was hit, they had to use the stairs to climb 78 flights to see what was going on. While evacuating the people that were around and coming up with a plane, more stations had come to help in any way that they could, in all this happening the second plane hit tower 2. Tony the probe was off duty that day a long with other guys but eventually they all got called in and were waiting patiently until they were given instructions on what to do.

A little over an hour after the planes had hit both towers, the first tower had collapsed, the fire fighters did everything they could to try to get people out and to help as fast as they could. By the time it collapsed they had already started making their way to the tower, because they were tired of standing around and not helping out the people of their city. Around 10:28 the second towered collapsed. After this the city turned into a ghost town, there was debris everywhere, and they surrounding area was covered in a thick white smoke. Once they started finding ways out the fire fighters eventually start making it back there fire house to start seeing who made it out and who did not, everyone...
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