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Topics: Problem solving, Quality control, Management Pages: 4 (791 words) Published: June 20, 2013
The QC 7 Tools (seven QC tools) are the most popular tools, which are being used by quality conscious companies throughout the world for improvement of quality of products and processes. They form the fundamental foundation for all problem solving and quality control activities and are also an important element of Lean Manufacturing. They are used to analyze the production process, identify the major problems, control fluctuations of product quality, and provide solutions to avoid future defects. Statistical literacy is necessary to effectively use the QC 7 Tools. These tools use statistical techniques and knowledge to accumulate data and analyze them. The knowledge of these tools has become essential to improve the internal competitiveness of organizations.

Course Objectives:
At end of this training, participants should be able to:
➢ Understand the fundamental principles of problem-solving ➢ Learn how to construct QC 7 Tools
➢ Understand how to apply QC 7 Tools in the workplace
➢ Learn how to solve problems effectively using systematic and scientific process. ➢ Take ownership of applying QC 7 Tools as a Corrective and Preventive measure to prevent Internal Rejections & Re-works and Customer Complaints & Returns. ➢ Interpret and measure the effectiveness of implemented solutions.

Who Should Attend QC 7 Tools Training:
QC 7 Tools are used for Continual Improvement. It will be appropriate company-wide and particularly for those involved in Quality, Production, Customer Service, Plant Maintenance and Marketing Teams are encouraged to attend for maximum benefit. Faculty:

Mr. A.V.Malla Reddy, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU, has worked with Private Sector companies for 22 years in the areas Inspection, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Customer Complaints Handling, Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Training, Systems Implementation, Supplier Development, Product Development, Auditing and Consultancy.

As on he...
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