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Topics: Problem solving, Creative problem solving, Creativity Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Training Session Handout
The Director of the organization has decided to have the company manager’s train in creative problem solving, leadership, and employee motivation. As directed the procedures that will be utilized for the handouts are:

Handout 1
Successful problem solving can be made easier by following some simple steps. There are seven steps for problem solving according to (Knippen & Green, 1997). (1) Establish goals
(2) Identify problems
(3) Identify constraints (4) Identify
(5) Evaluate
(6) Create an implementation.

According to (Knippen & Green, 1997) the how, what, when, where, and how tell everyone what steps to take. (1) What
(2) How
(3) Who
(4) When
(5) Where
(6) What
Handout 2

Employee motivation: Identify ways to generate motivation during times of organizational change. According to Sandhya, K. K., & Kumar, D. (2011) by using competitive rewards ultimately attracts the new employees. (1) Providing monetary benefits

(2) Training and development for growth
(3) Give employees an opportunity to ask question and get answers from management (4) Understand the value of employees, know their strengths and weakness (5) Keep employee informed of changes that might will affect the company (6) Acknowledge the success

Handout 3

Leadership: Identify the role of the leadership in the innovative culture of an organization. Innovation cannot be achieved without a leader’s vision. Integrity: Do what you say.
Influence: Leaders of innovation are those who exert influence and motivate others to work together collaboratively to accomplish new and useful outcomes (Vroom & Jago, 2007). Tenacity: Cory (2011), “Tenacity is gained by a true belief in the vision you are leading everyone toward. It’s assisted certainly by confidence and courage, but it also has much to do with personal pride” (Tenacity is the fuel in the...

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