7 Eleven

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1.0 Introduction
7 Eleven or also known as 7-11, is part of an international chain of convenience stores. 7 Eleven is the world's largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores with more than 50,000 outlets. 1.1 Objective and Scope

The purpose of this report is to analyze and evaluate 7 Eleven’s marketing strategies and practices to demonstrate that 7 Eleven is “marketing-oriented”. The scope of the report includes PESTEL analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis to confirm its threats and chances to improve it. This report also include SWOT analysis and the 7 P’s and marketing strategies that are applied for 7 Eleven. 1.2 Background of 7 Eleven

The 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia first opened in 9 October 1984 and achieved a milestone with its 1000th store opening in 2008. The store originally opens from 7 am to 11 pm and operates 7 days a weeks. The stores hold around 1,800 of products, including its own propriety brands such as Big Gulp and Slurpee. 7 Eleven introduced new complimentary products and services, differentiating the brand by allowing bill payment service, selling frozen food, ready-to-eat food and fresh food. Other services that are available in 7-Eleven include Touch N Go reload, soft pins, ink cartridge, refill and photocopying, fax, ATM and internet games' starter packs.

2.0 Environmental Analysis
Environmental analysis is a basic marketing function used to help marketers identify trends or outside forces that may impact upon the success or failure of a particular product. 7 Eleven has analyzed the environment which is its macro environment before starting out the launching of the products by making sure that the products have meets all of its expectations and respects the specifications that are needed to abide by the law. 7 Eleven does its research by observing and getting feedback forms their customers. The marketing intelligence that 7 Eleven applied are internal database by getting information of their customer’s average age, income, education and what they typically spend per visit. This allows 7 Eleven to create profiles of typical customers, characteristics they use to target other noncustomer consumers. 2.1 Macro Environment

PESTEL are used on human resource and introductory marketing courses in most studies. PESTEL are also known as Politic, Economy, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal. It has been used for quite a long time and the history is so far still unknown. PESTEL analysis is applied because it helps a company to make decisions for future which enables them to understand wider about the environment in which they operate. PESTEL analysis is also applied to take advantages to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats to an organization by conducting strategic analysis.

Table 2.1-1PESTEL Analysis of 7 Eleven
Impact on Industry
Political & Legal

7 Eleven operates in different parts of the globe.

It is a threat because different countries have different policies which will affect the investors.


A countries economy is affected by exchange rate, inflation and growth rate.

It is an opportunity, as most countries financial control and risk management have been strengthened.



Society today is more demanding and is demanding for quality products and services and the value to their money.

It is a threat because the quality and services offered are not balance as different workers have different behaviour.


Rapid changes in technology especially in the communications and transportation.

It is an opportunity as it would develop the company especially in their services.



7-Eleven uses degradable plastic bags in response to environmental protection.

It is an opportunity because it affects the global environment in long run.


Total Score


Based on the PESTEL analysis in table...
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